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About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker, EMDR Certified Therapist, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Through my private practice, Chabot Counseling LLC, I provide counseling to individuals seeking relief from a past or recent traumatic event, support through a crisis, and/or guidance to help free them from the debilitating effects of anxiety and/or depression. I also counsel with clients in search of self-discovery & guidance to help them achieve their goals.

 I utilize an individualized & collaborative approach to ensure each counseling session is focused on your chosen goals. I use a combination of evidence-based practice techniques of EMDR, CBT,  Mindfulness, parts work/ego state therapy approaches & more in order to provide you with the best care.​


My Approach

As a hiker, surfer, & amateur gardener, I understand first-hand the wisdom & healing benefits nature can provide. 


My practice is unique in that I often encourage nature-based activities to help aide in healing & self-optimization.

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