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I provide individual counseling in the following areas of focus:  

Cognitive & Emotional Wellness 

Cognitive & emotional health influences every aspect of our lives.  I help you learn how to better manage emotions, thoughts, & behaviors in a way that is adaptive to your unique life & goals


I utilize a combination of techniques (such as CBT, DBT, parts work, mindfulness approaches & more) to treat Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management & other difficulties with emotional regulation.

Trauma Healing & Recovery 

One of the primary reasons I became a therapist was to help individuals heal from the debilitating effects of trauma. 


As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and EMDR Certified Therapist, I provide a number of evidence-based practices & tools specifically focused on treating trauma & PTSD to bring you relief, recovery, & renewal. 


The ultimate goal of therapy & counseling is self-optimization.


What is self-optimization? Put simply-it is

focused attention on self-discovery & an increased awareness of ourselves with the goal of continuously & ever more eloquently aligning our lives with our values, passions, & true nature. 

Nature Based Therapy Techniques 

Interacting with nature provides endless opportunity for us to better understand & regulate our emotions, thoughts, & behaviors. Being in natural settings also helps us tune into the present moment & better calibrate what is truly important in life.


I often encourage outside activities as "homework" to complement & accelerate  progress made in therapy

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